You can get on the road safer in 2 day’s with our
“CBT Elite” course

This is where your journey begins! CBT is the start of any learner training course.

RJH CBT & Motorbike Training have introduced this course which is aimed at the complete novice, with no road experience at all, and those that want a more relaxed approach to the introduction over a longer time frame.

If you just want a taster of what motorcycling is all about, then some people will decide to book the CBT only.
It gives you a great insight into what motorcycling is all about and is designed to equip a new rider with a basic set of skills including machine control, observation and road positioning to get started safely on two wheels.
Once completed, the CBT allows you to ride a 50cc moped (at 16) or a 125cc geared or automatic motorcycle (at 17 or above) with L-plates for a 2 year period, carrying no passengers and not going on the motorways.

The CBT is usually completed in a single day, which includes classroom lessons, training off the road and a supervised road ride, but if you’re not used to it, this can be very intense and tiring.
Some riders feel that this is too short a course, with not enough time spent riding on the road with an instructor.

RJH CBT & Motorbike Training offer an extended 2-day course the “CBT Elite” The 1st day of the “CBT Elite” is carried out at our 7 day CBT & DAS training centre, mixing classroom theory and practical riding, building your skills and confidence in preperation for the 2nd day of the “CBT Elite”.
This gives you the time to relax and let your mind process all the 1st day’s activities.
The next day you will be able to take to the roads with your Instructor and spend a full day riding, developing your new skills further and becoming more familiar with riding on our roads.
At the end of your 2nd day it might be your Instructor will invite you to ride one of our Suzuki GSF650cc Bandit’s which we have for Direct Access and the A2 category.

The opportunity to get to handle the larger Suzuki GSF650cc Bandit is a unique chance for you to try out this great motorcycle.
Whilst it is “novice-friendly” and the bike that you will most likely then use for your motorcycle test (if you choose to proceed to DAS Training) this all round Bandit has introduced many people into motorcycling, as well as being a perfect commuter bike.

Now you have your CBT and realise how exciting motorcycling is, then you simply ask your Instructor for details of continuing your training.
You can then return and complete a Direct Access Course or an A2 Course to obtain your full motorcycle licence. It’s as easy as that!

CBT Elite

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