Pillion Passenger Training

Manchester, Salford, and the surrounding areas.

Rjh CBT & Motorbike Training School are one of the first Training Schools to Introduce and are one of the only Motorbike Training Schools that offer Motorbike Pillion Passenger Training Lessons for anyone wishing to carry a Passenger for the 1st time. Perhaps you have recently passed your Motorbike Practical Test, Motorbike Direct Access (DAS) and are thinking of that first Motorbike Tour with someone on the back of your Motorbike.

When a lot of people pass their Motorcycle Test, one of the reasons are so they can carry a Pillion Passenger (somebody on the back of their motorbike). You don’t need to specifically train to carry a pillion but we do recommend that you get some form of training with an instructor first.

You can take this course over half a day or a whole day – depending on experience. If you have just passed your test and/or have no experience in carrying a pillion, we recommend that you book or apply for a whole days training. If you have passed your test and have had some experience carrying a pillion, but you want to take some training to make sure you are ‘doing the right thing’ then we recommend that you book the half a day course.

This course is not compulsory but we do advise that you take the course to gain knowledge and experience – especially if you are likely to be carrying pillions on a regular basis.

So for the very best in Pillion Training in the North West please give us a call.

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