A2 – 395cc – 33bhp – 47bhp Test Training

A2 Training

A2 training allows riders aged 19 and overtake their test on a motorbike 395cc and above with between 33bhp and 47bhp. After passing the A2 motorbike test you will be limited to a motorbike up to 47bhp. After 2 years, and you would like to ride a larger machine you would need to take another motorbike test on a larger machine.

To commence A2 training, you must complete CBT, a motorbike theory test and finally take both Module 1 and Module 2 of the practical test on a motorbike above 395cc with between 33bhp and 47bhp.

RJH Motorbike Training lessons are designed around you. Most of our motorbike trainees can expect to pass their tests after 3 or 4 days training. Some take a little longer, others a little less. The amount of training required therefore determines the cost of the course, both you and your RJH qualified motorbike instructor will know when you are ready for your test, thus ensuring you won’t be paying for more lessons than you need to.

A2 training will cover the following:

An introduction to the Motorbikes. We conduct this in a 7-day, 365 safe off road environment before transferring to normal roads.

On road, you will become proficient in pulling away into traffic, U-turns, roundabouts, junctions, road positioning, hazard awareness, observation, emergency stop, dual carriageways, overtaking safely, making progress, hill starts and gradients and counter steering.

As your course develops, we will be polishing up on all your new skills and adding more detail to your ride. Our intention is to properly prepare you to ride your motorcycle after test day and not just concentrating on a minimum standard pass (a practice adapted by some training schools). Riding well is achieved by practice, together with confidence, forward planning, anticipation, and good observation. Our course will give you all this and more!

Towards the end of your few days with us, we will concentrate on giving you on and off-road practice of the required manoeuvres of the Module 1 Test.

These will include looking at pushing the bike both forward and backward, slalom and figure of eight, swerve avoidance and controlled stopping, the U-turn, slow riding, and the emergency stop. You will be accompanied to the local test centre for your Module 1 Test as part of your training. Once you have passed your Module 1, you’ll have a final half day’s training or more if needed and your Module 2 test.

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