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Back to Biking – “Rusty Rider”
If you’re reading this service the chances are:
1, You haven’t ridden a motorcycle for a while?
2, You may simply want to get back some confidence?
3, You have recently past your test but feel you could develop your riding further?
4, You have just purchased a new motorbike and are unsure about your riding ability?

If this is the case then RJH Back to Biking – “Rusty Rider” course is for you!
Rusty Rider is individually tailored to you and we will pitch the level of the lesson on your ability and objectives.
A: We concentrate on your needs and can offer help with all areas of riding.
B: We will look at slow riding, cornering, motorways, planning and awareness?
C: We can arrange to meet you at your home or motorcycle dealer when you collect your new bike.
The lesson will give you confidence when riding for the first time in a while.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of the course

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