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RJH Motorbike Training  has been training pupils in CBT & DAS Since 2003!

We offer courses in the following categories:

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We also have our own Motorbike Training School Forum and Newsletter

At RJH Motorbike Training, all of our Instructors are trained to the highest possible standard.
We are fully committed to making your training as enjoyable and successful as possible.
They are all selected by Rob Howitt and only the best are allowed to join the team.
All our Instructors are fully qualified DVSA motorbike Instructors.

We have our own booking team headed by Lisa, who is your first point of contact, a friendly voice at the end of the phone with patience and time to discuss your enquiry, and she will ensure your Instructors are left alone to teach you rather than taking phone calls when out teaching you.

We keep things simple at RJH (KISS) and welcome the opportunity to help you on your journey, let us explore the journey with you.
Once you have passed your motorbike test, you will not be bombarded with the hard sell after you have passed, but be assured we are able to take your riding to the next level when you are ready, and are able to prepare you for most advanced riding tests available.
Our pass rates in Salford, Northwich, Blackburn & Wigan are extremely high, maybe one of the highest of any training schools in the UK and we welcome men and women of all ages and work on building the confidence of our students as well as their skills. If you really do want the best Motorcycle Training School there is, look no further than RJH Motorbike Training School.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and watch us on our YouTube Channel so you can see what we are doing on a daily basis, after all we have been training pupils in CBT & DAS Since 2003.

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