Celebrity Clients

For the last few years RJH has had a steady stream of celebrities through the door, wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely.
We are based only a few minutes from the TV Studios in Manchester & Salford and offer 1 on 1 training as well as incognito instruction.
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Michelle Keegan

Rob,the owner of RJH was very excited to welcome Michelle Keegan and Cherrelle Skeete to learn to ride mopeds at RJH Salford for the tv series “Ordinary Lies”
Rob is pictured here with the happy girls who spent some with RJH prior to the filming.

Shobna Gulati

Shobna GulatiWhen I was first asked to join the trip I was fairly relaxed about learning to ride a motorbike, despite never having been on a bike before. They said it would be fine and I believed them.

But when I jumped on the bike at the RJH training centre in sunny Salford, it really hit me. Can I really do this? I could not even point it in the right direction! But Rob Howitt (owner/instructor) & Jeff were very patient – and they had to be!

Most people can pass their CBT if they are interested in bikes and want to be a bike rider – they book it and by the end of the day they have a licence that allows them to ride with L-plates. Then they go on to take their full test. But it was something that I never, ever thought of doing.

My confidence was rocked and I was really struggling, but then I had a massive breakthrough. I fell off.

You have this fear of falling or crashing and it makes you nervous and apprehensive, and distracts you from what you should be doing. But then the inevitable happens; you take a tumble and suddenly all the fear disappears. Well most of it. I’ve now fallen off quite a few times (the instructors are great and do everything in a very controlled manner to its never dangerous), but you always get back up a better rider.

My self-confidence is growing and I feel more determined by the day.
Now having got my CBT (yay!) I have to tackle off road riding. Wish me luck
Read more at http://www.geton.co.uk/blogs/posts/it%E2%80%99s-all-about-confidence#6qbqOdAdxzvPq4VJ.99

Dewsbury Rock


I’m Dewsbury, and I’m a presenter/gobshite on 106.1 Real Radio XS in Manchester. I’m also a biker, and it’s thanks to the guys at RJH. I’d been meaning to do my bike licence for years, but never actually got around to it until I got the chance to do my Direct Access with RJH.

Aside from a couple of motocross lessons when I was a kid, I’d never ridden a motorbike before, but Rob and the guys were super-cool when I showed up on my first day for my CBT. They even managed to almost hold their laughter at the sight of a 16-stone, six-foot-six bloke wobbling around on a 125cc Kawasaki.

Over the next few lessons I built up my experience and confidence until I was comfortable riding a 500cc machine, culminating in two first-time module passes.
There were times when I thought I’d never be able to ride to test standard. Doing the figure-8’s for the module 1 test nearly made me give up, but Rob was always there to support, encourage and advise me. Cheers guys.

Other recent clients include:
Holly Earl, Shazad Latif, Tom Gilbey (Russell) and of course our Olympic Gold star Callum Skinner.

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