ERS Enhanced Rider Scheme

Salford-Manchester, Northwich-Cheshire & Blackburn-Lancashire.

If you ride a motorcycle, then why not learn more about riding, stay on top and save money.
I am a good and skilful rider. Why should I consider further training?

The accident statistics amongst motorcyclists suggest that every rider should at least take a health check of their riding ability from time to time.
Not all crashes are down to rider error, but we can all pick up bad habits.

DVSA, in conjunction with the Motorcycle Industry, have devised a new package of training known as the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).
This is not an Advanced Course.
The scheme is intended to benefit all bike riders who have a full motorcycle licence, irrespective to the size of bike, or the experience level of the rider.

You will not need to take a test or even any training if your skills are assessed as satisfactory.
You could also earn discounts on your insurance as a result.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is the first step on the Post-Test Training ladder.
It’s also the simplest way to ensure that you’re on top of your game and in control of your machine.

Rjh offer the ERS through a Qualified ERS Instructor.
For any information please contact us.

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