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Motorbike Instructor Training

At RJH Motorcycle Instructor Training our customers are at the heart of what we undertake to achieve. Getting ready and preparing for motorcycle instructor training is an extremely exciting prospect and we have structured various training programmes for you. We want to share the excitement by giving you access to our recourses which are current and modern.

Our easy to follow manuals, literature, diagrams and our developing video portfolio are easy to understand and will aid you to structure and apply your own lessons within the framework as set out by the DVSA and as a result, our courses can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

At RJH, we build a supportive and long-lasting relationship with you as you progress through your instructor training journey and with a methodical approach simple to apply, we also ensure you get excellent value for money.

Changing your career and becoming a motorcycle instructor can be a little daunting at first and RJH are well placed in the Northwest with great contacts enabling you to “earn whilst you learn” by way of a “Down Trained Badge”

We have a team of dedicated trainers with a vast amount of experience and expertise, and we make a difference to people’s lives on a day-to-day basis which is just one of the reasons to be a Motorcycle Instructor!

It is very challenging but at the same time very rewarding and with a sense of achievement, that is not experienced in any other workplace.

Take a look at RJH Motorcycle Instructor Training’s step by step courses which are a great way to enter the industry without a big expense to start off.

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