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Manchester, Northwich, & Wigan.

Become a Motorcycle Instructor with RJH, one of the most established and reputable ATB’s in the North West.
We offer 2 very unique options to Motorbike Instructor Training and both have proven results within the field of Motorcycle Instructor Training.
RJH Motorbike Training Ltd are very proud of having Introduced Motorbike Instructors into the Industry, and indeed many of our passed Trainee Instructors have gone on to successfully open their own Motorbike Training Schools across the country.
Our Motorbike Instructor Training courses are mainly located around our Northwich, Cheshire Training School which is equipped for quantities of trainees with ample classroom facilities, onsite dealerships, cafe’s and Motorbike Superstore. This is the bonus of being situated within the J&S Accessories Oakmere, one of the biggest Motorbike Superstores in the UK and a stones throw from Oulton Park racing circuit.

Our 1st option which attracts Motorbike Instructor Trainees from across the country (lots of local B&B’s) is:
RJH 10 day Intensive Motorbike Instructor Training Monday through to Friday over 2 weeks.
This course is intensive, needs total committment. You will need to live & breathe Motorbike Instructor Training. Our Aim & Objective will be to deliver to you, and teach you, develop you to be able to deliver the CBT syllabus enabling you to pass the DVSA Cardington Exams 1st time. We introduce you to the “Core Competency” approach from day 1. Don’t worry here as if you feel, or we at RJH feel you are not ready we will be able to offer top up lessons at additional costs as we all learn at different levels. We want you to pass your Instructor exams 1st time. We have experience with this approach, so don’t be put off as this intensive course really is an opportunity to change your life and career.

Our 2nd option which attracts a more local Motorbike Instructor Trainee is:
RJH 10 Day Motorcycle Instructor Training Course is spread over 6/12 months, comprising of teaching live pupils, getting paid for doing so by way of a “down trained” badge.
Our Training package is designed to prepare you for the DVSA Instructor Assessment which takes place at Cardington, Bedford, for both the CBT and DAS qualification.
Our unique approach with a Learn as you Earn training option ensures a very high 1st time Cardington pass rate. This works by committing and investing in our 10 day course, approx 50% of the way through the instructor training course (dependant on the individual) we can issue you with a CBT Down Trained Badge and you start conducting CBT whilst earning and under the close observation of RJH. This enables you to gain valuable experience of conducting CBT’s and ensures a better Cardington pass rate. Also this option means you get your initial investement back.
Benefits of this RJH Training Package:
Flexible training to suit your pace, choose the level of qualification you require, benefit from our years of training experience and comprehensive training with DVSA qualified Instructors at Salford, Manchester Motorbike Instructor Training. We offer a Learn as you Earn training option too.
CBT Emergency Stop lesson brief. You want to be an Instructor? Use Q & A techniques to establish prior knowledge and link skills accordingly. Interact with your trainees, ensure even the quieter trainees are encouraged to participate.

Either of RJH Instructor Training Courses require the following.

To be eligible, you must be over 21 years of age and have held a full Category A motorcycle license for over 3 years.
A general overview of the course is as follows:
Content of the RJH Instructor Training Courses are as follows…..

DAY 1 RJH Instructor teaching you at

1. How to check Driving Licenses.
2. Eyesight Test.
3. Aims of CBT.
4. Equipment and Clothing.
1. Become Familiar with the Motorcycle, Controls and how it works.
2. Machine Checks and take the machine on and off the Stand.
3. Wheeling the Motorcycle around to the left and to the right showing proper balance and use the brake to stop.
4. Starting and Stopping the Engine.
DAY 2 RJH Instructor teaching you.
1. Ride the machine in a straight line and stop using the brakes and in the control position.
2. Ride the machine slowly and in a straight line.
3. Understand how to use the brakes.
4. Changing gear satisfactorily.
5. Ride the motorcycle in a figure of eight.
6. Bring the machine to a stop as in an emergency and under full control
7. Understand and demonstrate rear observation.
8. Simulate turning left and right using the OSMPSL routine.
9. Carry out a U-turn.
1. Legal Requirements.
2. Highway Code.
3. Vulnerability.
4. Conspicuity.
5. Road Surfaces.
6. Weather Conditions.
7. Speed.
8. Anticipation.
9. Hazard Perception.
10. Attitude.
11. Rear Observations.
12. Road Position.
13. Following Distances.
14. Drink and drugs.
DAY 3 RJH Instructor teaching you.
1. Traffic Lights.
2. Roundabouts.
3. Junctions.
4. Pedestrian Crossings.
5. Gradients.
6. Bends.
7. Obstructions.
8. U-turn.
9. Stopping as in an Emergency.
DAY 4 You teaching RJH Instructor.
Element A
Element B
Element C
DAY 5 You teaching RJH Instructor (This will include all DAS training)
Element D
Element E
You will be given all the necessary stationary materials for the course i.e. Highway Code, CBT book, and RJH Instructor Manual.
Accommodation can be arranged at additional costs for Residential Students.
On option 2 Approx 50% of the way through you can apply for a down trained badge and start earning while your learning. Your retainer 5 days can be used before sitting your Cardington Exams.

The Motorcycle Training Industry is regulated by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), and there are strict rules associated with motorcycle training.
The licensing of motorcyclists is also quite a complicated matter with rules relating to the age, name, size and power of motorcycles.
Essentially there are three stages of qualification to become a fully qualified motorcycle instructor.
Down trained (We can offer this option as a Learn as you Earn)
Trained and assessed by a qualified instructor and permitted to train at Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) level only.
*1 CBT1
Attended the DVSA centre at Cardington and passed a rigorous two day assessment. This permits you to train at CBT level and down train other new instructors.
*2 This is the minimum qualification to hold an Approved Training Body Status (ATB).
Already CBT1C (cannot progress directly to DAS) and attended DSA Centre at Cardington and passed a further half-day assessment. This permits you to train DAS in addition to CBT.
*1 Currently there is no Qualification in respect of teaching new riders on 125cc machines post CBT. To work with RJH you would need at the very least to be down trained and assessed by us to conduct this type of training.
*2 This is the minimum qualification required to hold an Approved Training Body Status (ATB). This qualification is required prior to qualification to conduct Direct Access (DAS) Courses.
At the various stages of qualification you will be entitled to apply for a certificate from the DVSA. Unlike an approved Driving Instructor who holds a licence to train anywhere your certificate will be associated with an approved training body like RJH Rider Training.
*3 You are not restricted as to whom you can work for but each time you change you must apply for a new certificate which will state on it the ATB with whom you are allowed to train. The maximum number of ATBs you can train with at any one time is two.

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