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07/07/2019 3:33 PM  

Here’s Max on his A2 Mod1 high speed exercises at RJH Manchester - great work! 

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Pretest warm up for Chelsa at RJH Wigan!

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Here’s Bill on his final preparations at RJH Northwich before his DAS Mod 1 test in Wrexham. Good luck!

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Big congrats to Bill who nailed his DAS Mod 1 test today in Wrexham out of RJH Northwich. Sylvia and all off the team are very pleased for you Bill!

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Big congrats to Chelsa who nailed her DAS Mod 1 test today in Atherton out of RJH Wigan. Fab work from Chelsa who travelled to RJH Wigan from Kendal in the Lake District. 

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Dominic with his renewed CBT and new motorbike at RJH Manchester!

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Well done to Daniel on completing his CBT at RJH Manchester! 

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Fantastic first time DAS Mod2 pass for Craig in Darwen this afternoon from out of RJH Manchester. Happy hunting for your new bike and well done!

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