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07/07/2019 3:58 PM  

A fantastic double today at RJH Manchester as both Graham and Mike pass their DAS Mod 1 tests first time in Atherton!

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Jay and Chris enjoying their CBT exercises at RJH Northwich!

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Double whammy as Nick and Kosta pass their DAS Module 2 out of RJH Wigan. Well done! 

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Fantastic first time DAS Mod2 pass for Tibor in St Helens this afternoon from out of RJH Manchester. Great result and can’t get any better with 5 out of 5 passes across RJH!

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Jay is happy with his CBT certificate at RJH Northwich! 

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Chris is very pleased with his CBT certificate and on his way to A2 training! Great work at RJH Northwich.

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Fantastic double today at RJH Manchester with both Mark and Daniel passing their Mod 2 DAS tests in Darwen. Well done lads.

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Fantastic DAS Mod1 pass for Oliver in Darwen from out of RJH Blackburn. Well done!

66298024 10156427729722361 1375416474285375488 n



Congratulations to Brian and Kennedy on completing their CBT’s today at RJH Wigan - well done!

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16 year old Devon completes his CBT in style today at RJH Wigan. A real pleasure to teach says the instructor Ian. Well done!

66005760 10156427739402361 7966196789617360896 n



Fantastic first time DAS Mod1 pass for Frazer out of RJH Manchester. Great work with zero faults. Now to Mod2!

65918759 10156427741817361 1457232719351119872 n



Usama and Tom receive their CBT certificates at RJH Manchester!

65729901 10156427744532361 152935577728057344 n






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