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14/04/2019 12:26 PM  

Fantastic A2 Module 2 pass for Jonathan today in Atherton out of RJH Manchester.

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Well done Steve Parker. 
Passed DAS Mod 2 today first time in St Helens out of RJH Wigan.
Safe riding Steve!

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Well done Dan Jones. Passed his DAS Mod 2 today in St Helens out of RJH Wigan.
Safe riding Dan!

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Kamar completes his CBT at RJH Manchester today. He put the time in and got the results. Well done.

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David completes his CBT at RJH Manchester today and chose us over his local school due to our reviews.
He went away happy. Well done.

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Big well done to Jill who completes her CBT at RJH Northwich on her own bike and Matt too on the Yamaha Aerox. Well done everyone seen here with Training Centre Manager Sylvia

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Performing simulated junctions on CBT at RJH Northwich we have Jill and Matt. Trainee Instructors Mik and Andy here too. Well done everyone.

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Busy day at RJH Northwich with CBT and Trainee Instructors Andy and Mik. Sylvia helping Jill on her own bike while Matthew follows behind. Well done everyone.

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