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14/04/2019 12:42 PM  

RJH Manchester has Jason & Adam on their CBT’s today on a sunny sunny day.
Good luck lads.

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Today we have Ryhs and Paul at a sunny RJH Wigan on-site North West Honda completing their CBT’s.

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Here’s Ben demonstrating his slow speed and high speed manoeuvres at RJH Blackburn where we are using the MMA before his test on Wednesday.

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Mid morning CBT Showroom refreshments at RJH Wigan on-site at North West Honda , the boys are loving the new bikes at RJH.

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Jason & Adam having a rest on the road ride of their CBT’s at RJH Manchester.

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Fantastic CBT completions for Jason & Adam today at RJH Manchester. Good work lads.

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Congratulations to Rhys and Paul on completing their CBT’s at RJH Wigan. Nice ride today lads see you soon for DAS.

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Neil booked a Rusty Rider/Back to biking course today.
Good call if you’ve not been on a bike for a while.
Good work Neil

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Brian working on his slow speed control preparing for Mod 1 at RJH Northwich this afternoon.
Looking good fella!!

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Phil and Edward on their CBT’s at RJH Northwich today. Well done both.
Safe riding.

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Well done to Phil on completing his CBT at RJH Northwich today. Good luck for next week Phil!

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