11/03/2018 - Ben and Charlie  


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12/03/2018 8:42 PM  

Here’s Ben on his figure of 8 exercise using the Honda CB125F here in Salford Manchester. 



Here’s Ben comfortable on the Honda CB125F during his CBT Element C here in Salford Manchester.



Trainee Instructor Pavel familiarises students on the controls of the CBT machines being used today on CBT in Northwich.



Charlie doing a fabulous figure of 8 on CBT in Northwich. Well done Charlie. Great work today.



Here's The Stig demonstrating a great U Turn on his CBT in Northwich.



Charlie practising his right turns OSM PSL manouevres before riding on the roads on CBT in Northwich. Great work Charlie.




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12/03/2018 9:11 PM  

A busy day at Northwich & Manchester today 🙂 Good work everyone.

DVSA Approved Motorbike Instructor

Graham Cook RJH Manchester Training Centre Manager
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18/03/2018 6:51 AM  

A busy day at both Manchester and Northwich. Good luck to all involved. 

Graham Cook




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