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14 April 2021 - CBT/DAS Results

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Paul & David nail their CBT’s at RJH Manchester today both nice riders well done.
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Fantastic DAS Mod2 pass for Shinwon in St Helens this morning. First Mod2 pass after lockdown 3. Great work and safe riding.
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Stuart got a clean sheet on DAS Mod 2 test in Chester and Ian did superb and passed easily too. Well done gentlemen and it was a pleasure to have you both at RJH Northwich!
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Gregg is a new fan of RJH Northwich and follows us on live YouTube feed! Gregg did fab on his CBT road ride with Sylvia and it was a pleasure. Well done and see you soon for DAS!
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Hishaam had such a great day today - he's learnt how to ride a bike, fix a bike, and pass his CBT with instructor Ash and 3 other pupils, job well done! 👍
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Here's new rider and semi pro go-cart racer Harvey upon completion of his CBT training with Ash - ride safe and well done 👍
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A great DAS pass for Paul in St Helens out of RJH Manchester!
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Well done to Ryan and Josh on their CBT’s today!
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Clare and her son Harry luckily caught Sylvia on her way home following another busy day at RJH Northwich. Clare passed DAS with RJH Manchester and here rides her gorgeous Honda Rebel even carrying pillion Harry! Nice to see you both!
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