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14th June 2020 - CBT/DAS Results

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Scott and James did really well at RJH Northwich after arriving this morning as new riders. Coached by Robert.

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Good ride today with 16 year old Kayden. Good look with the scooter and GCSE results - see you in a year or two for your full licence.

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Tommy on his DAS lesson finalising his U-Turn under the supervision of Training Centre Manager Sylvia.

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Great rides for 16yr old Issac and HGV driver Simon. They both done well considering their background and experience and both got their CBT! Simon would like to look into DAS next.

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BIG congrats to Helen after completing her CBT at RJH Manchester today. See you soon for your DAS!

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Congratulations to John passing his CBT today here in Manchester. Sadly just caught out by the thunderstorm but smiling faces all round!

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Will comfortably passes his CBT today! The Harley Davidson is waiting for him just a small matter of the DAS course to sort next. Well done today.

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16 year old Oscar completed his CBT today amid torrential downpours, thunder and lightning. Great ride - well done!

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Congratulations to Lewis on completing his CBT today in very wet conditions. See you soon for DAS!

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Cracking day with Lewis and Will - ideal students doing their CBT and Will got his confidence up ready for his DAS. We all lost weight too in the heat...!

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Big well done to Ant and Steve who are now on their Beginners DAS Course! They did pre-CBT tasters then CBT and they are sailing through their training now. Well done gentlemen and a pleasure to have you at RJH Northwich with this all happening in a matter of days.

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