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15/04/2018 9:21 PM  

 Adrian, David and Jade on their CBT today in Manchester with Rob. Ready to go on Honda CB125F and Yamaha YBR125cc!



Jade performing her figure of 8 here in Manchester on the Honda CB125F. Looking great.



David masters his figure of 8 here in Manchester today. Looking great on the Yamaha YBR125.



First time rider Adrian on the Honda CB125 demonstrating his figure of 8 here in Manchester. Good work!



Paul B and Paul H are in Northwich to do their CBT ready for their DAS course starting tomorrow. Great work today guys and both good natural riders. Well done lads!



Left turns on site on CBT simulated junctions exercise in Northwich. Well done guys. Great work today Paul B and Paul H!




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30/04/2018 9:15 PM  

Good work everyone today, looks like you had a good time on your CBT, A1, A2, Das in Northwich and Manchester. 

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