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16th June 2020 - CBT/DAS Results  


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29/06/2020 6:29 PM  

Congratulations to Dave on passing his CBT here at RJH Manchester with the chief. Dave completed his CBT today on the Honda CB500F- great step towards his DAs training and see you soon for your DAS!

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CBT to DAS at RJH Northwich for Rich and Pat under the instruction of Ashley and Sylvia. A superb day for all involved.Well done everyone!

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A superb CBT day at RJH Northwich. Rich and Pat completed their CBTs aboard the beautiful Kawasaki z650ccs. Instructors Ashley and Sylvia guided them through and it was great fun!

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Great ride today with Kash through the wind, rain and thunder🌧🏍🌩💨Enjoy the new bike, and see you soon for DAS!

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Fantastic riding from Asher and Neil today as they competed their CBTs in Manchester!

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Ant and Steve are really enjoying their beginners DAS course and it’s all taking shape now at RJH Northwich. Well done fellas and a pleasure to teach you both!

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