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21st June 2020 - CBT/DAS Results

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Here’s Rob with his CBT pupils Mohammed and Michael. Mohammed onboard the Suzuki GSX125 and Michael on the new Honda CB125F.

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Michael completes his CBT with ease at RJH Manchester today on the Honda CB125F!

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Mohammed completes his CBT today at RJH Manchester riding the Suzuki GSX125cc. He is also booked on his DAS!

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Ian & Owen completed their CBT’s at RJH Northwich today. Ian on his 4th CBT he performed well and Owen never ridden before came along great and they thoroughly enjoyed it👍👌

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Aaron showing his slow speed handling on a figure of 8 at RJH Manchester today during his CBT!

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It was an absolute pleasure to ride with Aaron today on his CBT renewal out of RJH Manchester!

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Assured riding today from new biker Mabast today as he completed his CBT. Well done!

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