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05/02/2019 8:08 PM  

Moving off and stopping on CBT in Northwich. Trainee Instructor Peter is guiding Callum and Chris today. Well done everyone! 

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Trainee Instructor Peter going through BESTCOPS bike familaristation on CBT in Northwich. Callum and Chris both have lots of experience. Well done all involved!

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DAS and A2 Mod1 training here in a wet Manchester. First time on the big bike on DAS is Martin on the Kawasaki and Eliezer on the Suzuki SV restricted bike.

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Here’s Urszula back in Blackburn after her full day of back to biking. She looks very happy.

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Here’s Urszula ready to take to the road on a back to biking course on the Suzuki SV650 out of our Blackburn site.

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Sam completes CBT in fine style out of Manchester. 3 done and dusted today but No escaped before we got the camera out. Nice one guys, well done.

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Max completes his CBT out of Manchester. Didn't expect to be on a geared bike but owned it anyway.

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Here’s Eliezer first day on his A2 Mod 1 converted onto the restricted Suzuki SV650 here in Manchester 

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Graham Cook RJH Manchester Training Centre Manager
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06/02/2019 5:12 PM  

Great work from all our pupils across the 3 sites. Plenty of course there. With CBT DAS and rusty rider. Well done from your RJH Manchester and Blackburn manager. 

Graham Cook



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