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24th June 2020 - CBT/DAS Results

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Here’s Eddie on the Honda CB125F demonstrates a left turn on junctions here in Manchester with the chief.

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Not only does Rob introduce new riders into the industry he introduces new instructors into the industry, too! Rob seen here with Adrian and Andrew who are about to start their journey into instructing. Nice to have you onboard lads and good luck💪💪

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Eddie completes his CBT with ease here at RJH Manchester with the chief. Eddie using the Honda CB125F and see you soon for your DAS!

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Aiden 1st time rider done especially well today to get up to maximum speed on the 50cc and Abi came along great with her 2day CBT. Well done all around and proof that not giving up works!

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Raf practices slow control in tropical Eccles🌴🌴🌴

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Raf completed a very competent CBT today at RJH in Manchester. This is the first stage of his intermediate DAS course!

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Nice riding from Kyle today as he completed his CBT. Don’t forget to pop in and show us your new bike!

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