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Chris and Callum complete their CBT road ride today in Northwich in nice weather conditions compared to the snowy day during the week. Well done guys from all at RJH.

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Callum completes CBT in Northwich today and is looking forward to his DAS soon. Well done Callum, great work!

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Chris does great on his CBT completion today at RJH Northwich. Well done Chris and look forward to seeing your new scooter from J&S soon.

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A fantastic first time DAS Mod 2 pass this afternoon for Keith in Darwen out of our Manchester Training School.
Good work fella.

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Graham Cook RJH Manchester Training Centre Manager
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Good work in Northwich and a fantastic first time DAS mod2 for Keith from out of our Manchester school. Thanks everyone and especially Keith for choosing RJH after having a bad experience at another school. 



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