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26th November 2019 - CBT/DAS Results  


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01/12/2019 7:59 PM  

Name that bike? Lee passed his DAS recently with us after starting his journey (CBT) with a poor school in south Manchester. I must buy them a coffee for sending us all these customers.

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Samantha getting ready to go with Robin on her Mod 1 training out of RJH Manchester!

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Debbie our KRTS customer at RJH Northwich passed DAS Mod 1 in Wrexham today. Debbie has bought not 1, but 2 Kawasaki z650s at J&S Oakmere. Well done Debbie!

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Fantastic first time DAS Mod1 pass for Alex in Darwen from out of our Manchester school.

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Awesome ride at St. Helens well done Dave - first time pass!

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Fantastic first time DAS Mod2 pass for our Cheltenham based girl Arizona in Darwen this afternoon from out of RJH Manchester. Pictured with a proud instructor Graham. Arizona came to us only less than 2 weeks ago to complete her CBT with our CBT instructor Peter and then over to the chief for her DAS training. Her DAS Mod1 pass was only 2 days ago. Now a new Lady Biker. A massive well done from all the staff at RJH.

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