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Nathan, birthday girl Julie and her son Sean on CBT and CBT/DAS Combo in a very cold and windy Northwich with Sylvia and Rob. Well done everyone!

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Sean, Julie and Nathan on CBT and CBT/DAS Combo course in Northwich with Sylvia and Robert. Great work everyone in very windy and cold conditions.

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Harry and Subhan both complete their CBT out of Manchester. Great day with two great lads

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Nathan completes his CBT in Northwich on the Kawasaki Z650cc. Good work fella

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Here’s June and Jon first day on their DAS training converted on to the Suzuki SV and Kawasaki Er6N in Manchester. Great work

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CBT well underway here in Northwich with Sylvia and pupils Sean, Nathan and Julie.
Good luck everyone have a great day!

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Great work across 2 sites in Manchester and Northwich. Looks like everyone are Living the Dream on 2 wheels. 



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