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27/07/2022 CBT/DAS Results

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Martin and Matt aced DAS Mod 1 in St Helens out of RJH Runcorn with Sylvia!

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Fantastic first time DAS Mod2 pass for Aamar in Atherton this morning from out of our Manchester school!

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Last night saw RJH's Owner Maintenance Course resume with JB. Topics for discussion - chains and sprockets!
Why not follow in their footsteps and get booked in on our next workshop? Visit the link below to find out more info! 👇
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First time Mod1 A2 pass in St Helens with a clean sheet for Charlie! Great work out of RJH Manchester.

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Congratulations to Andy on passing his DAS Mod1 test in Atherton.
This was a first time pass from RJH Manchester - great work, Andy!
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Here’s Rachel on a rusty rider course in Northwich with the chief!

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Double whammy DAS Mod 2 passes for Martin and Josh (A2) at St Helens from RJH Northwich!

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Kathryn and Alex smashed their DAS/A2 in St Helens first time out of RJH Wigan with Sylvia!

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