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27th July 2020 - CBT/DAS Results  


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12/08/2020 4:54 PM  

Ready for a busy day of CBTs. All we need now is the pupils on a very wet day in Manchester!

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Luke sailed through DAS Mod 1 in St Helens with a clean sheet. Luke is doing Progressive Access at RJH Northwich - well done!

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Congratulations to both Andy and Samir on passing their DAS module 1 today in St Helens. The wet weather was a bit of a pain but didn't stop us getting the result!

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Congrats to Ryan a nice Mod 1 pass in St Helens - great result in awful conditions.

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Julie and Sam competed their CBT completed in sunny Northwich. A great day. “shoelaces"

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Ali completes his CBT here in a wet and windy Manchester. Weather was terrible on the road but Ali coped with it. Well done Ali and hopefully see you soon for DAS!

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The start of a very busy day at RJH Manchester. Early morning start for Daniel and Solly heading off to Atherton for their Mod1 test under the guidance of the Master Rob. Good luck lads.

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Fantastic 1st time DAS Mod 1 today for Daniel in Atherton out of RJH Manchester.

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CBT in Manchester & Northwich available 7 days a week. Graham seen here today at RJH Manchester with Claire, Mike, Ben and Richard. Good Luck everyone have a great day.

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Superb result for Ash and Dan passing DAS Mod 2 in St Helens out of RJH Northwich. It was a pleasure to have you both here and come back soon to show us your new bikes!

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