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3rd June 2020 - CBT/DAS Results

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Callum loved the birthday present of a CBT from his partner - what a great gift for someone and hope to see you soon for the step up to bigger bikes. Well done from us all at RJH.

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Congratulations to Sayed on passing his CBT today here in Manchester. Already a rider but needed a mode of transport to get to work and he decided 2 wheels was the way to go!

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Excellent CBT day with seasoned rider Lee on his renewal and new rider Cain. Hope to see you both soon for your full licence.

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Callum and Dan showed great skills today on CBT at RJH Northwich under the watchful eye of Instructors Sylvia and Ashley. See you soon for DAS!

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CBT Instructor Peter coaching Rob & Roy on their CBT’s at RJH Manchester today!

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