Action Shots - 10/10/2017 Paul, Martin and Shahed  


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10/10/2017 10:10 PM  

Early morning start for Paul as he embarks on his DAS journey here at RJH Manchester. Here his his preparing for the Kawasaki ER6N upgrade by riding the Honda CB125cc


After just an hour, here’s Paul checking out his new ride after converting from the 125cc to the 650cc. Also seen here is DAS instructor Graham!


Here’s Paul on his Kawasaki ER6N upgrade!


Here’s Martin and Shahed ready for their DAS Mod2 training and tests. Rob, who’s in the middle, will be escorting Martin to Darwen for his test and training with Shahed. Bikes used Honda CBF100 and Kawasaki ER6N. Good luck all!


Here’s Paul demonstrating his manual handling on his first day of DAS Mod1 training. Good work


Here’s Paul on the Kawasaki ER6N demonstrating his U Turn on his first day of DAS Mod1 training with Chief CBT instructor Graham. All slow speed exercises done to test standard. Well done Paul.





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