Action Shots 11/11/2017 Warren and Luke  


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11/11/2017 11:38 PM  

Slow speed High speed session for Luke in prep for his DAS Mod1 test on Monday. Seen here on the Kawasaki ER6N.



Slow speed slalom exercise for Luke on the Kawasaki ER6N here in Manchester.



Here’s Luke on a U turn exercise on his DAS Mod1 training.



Here’s Luke mastering the figure 8 exercise before his DAS Mod1 test on Monday. Looking good!



Here’s Warren and Luke taking a breather on their DAS Mod1 high speed training session before their tests this week on the Kawasaki ER6N.

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12/11/2017 11:48 AM  

You both look like you are coming along nicely. Keep at it lads and you will do well.

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