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Motorbike Test – Practical

Manchester, Salford and the North West surrounding areas

The Practical Motorcycle Test is split into two separate Modules -the off-road Module 1 and the on-road Module 2.
To get a Full Motorcycle Licence you need to pass both Modules.
Rjh CBT & Motorbike Training School is able to offer you Motorbike Training and Motorbike Tests at our Salford Manchester Motorbike Practical Test Centre.

Rjh CBT & Motorbike Training School have a Special Trainer Booking facility and can book and schedule both Module 1 and Module 2 Tests for you.

You can book both Modules at the same time, however, you must pass Module 1 before you take Module 2. If you don’t pass Module 1, you must wait three full working days before you can retake it.
When you go for your Practical Test you must take certain documents with you. Your Instructor will take care of this for you and ensure you have everything in place.

To ensure you wear the right clothing for both Module 1 and Module 2 of your Motorbike Practical Test visit where advise is available. Always wear the right clothing during your Training and when taking your Tests and after you pass your Test. Rjh can provide FREE for use Helmets, Gloves and Jackets only. Rjh have a selection of essential Motorbike Equipment for purchasing.
If you arrive for your Test and are not wearing the right clothing your test might not take place and you might lose your Test Fee.

Module 1 is the off-road Module. It generally takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Module one: off-road manoeuvres
What happens during module one?
Wheeling the moped or motorcycle and using the stand
Doing a slalom and figure of eight
A slow ride
Cornering and controlled stop
Cornering and the emergency stop
Cornering and hazard avoidance
There is a minimum speed requirement of around 32 miles per hour (50 kilometres per hour) for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises. There is no minimum speed requirement for the first cornering and controlled stop exercise
Module 1 takes place in a safe off-road area called a motorcycle manoeuvring area. The layout of the area will vary depending on where you take your test.
Salford Manchester Motorbike Practical Test have the facility 7 days a week to train you for this part of the Practical Motorbike Test.
At the end of Module 1, the Examiner will give you the result and feedback. If you pass, you’ll get your module 1 pass certificate.

Module 2: on-road riding

Module two is the on-road module and typically takes around 40 minutes.
You must bring your module one pass certificate to module two, along with all the documents you had to bring to the module one test. If you don’t bring the right documents your test may not go ahead and you may lose your fee
Module 2 includes the:

Eyesight Test
Show me Tell me and Pillion Passenger Questions
Road Riding Element
Independent Riding Section

The Examiner will ask you to read the number plate on a parked vehicle to test your eyesight. If you fail the test, your riding test won’t continue.
Show me Tell me Questions : Please visit
Pillion Passenger Questions: Please visit

Road Riding Element:
You’ll ride in a variety of road and traffic conditions. You’ll be asked to carry out:

Normal Stops
An Angle Start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle)
A Hill Start (where possible)
The Examiner will give you directions using a radio. They will normally follow you on a motorcycle, but may follow you in a car.
Independent Riding Section of the Riding Test, this is designed to assess your ability to ride safely while making decisions independently.
At the end of Module 2, the Examiner will give you the result and feedback. If you pass, the examiner will explain to you how to change your provisional licence into a full licence.



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