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Celebrating 15 years on 8th March 2018  


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15/01/2018 9:30 PM  

The date was 8th March 2003. (15 YEARS AGO)  nearly HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rjh :-)

I had just taken 6 months out of the workplace because i wanted/needed a career change. I had a few personal setbacks and needed to re focus where my life was going.

I had rode motorbikes from the age of 7, so my idea? I started Rjh Motorcycle Training with 1 x 50cc, 1 x 125cc, and didnt offer Direct Access. I worked from home, towing the bikes to the local school at weekends on a trailor. I had a vision, and that vision was: "Our Aim is to Introduce you to the exciting world of motorcycling offering the safest standard of training available and always measuring ways in improving on the service we offer"
Marie Housden and Karen Jones were my very 1st CBT pupils on 8th March 2003, i am still in contact with them now.
A few months later Simon Ellison was my 1st DAS pupil on his SV650 and i remember that 1st ride in Weaverham, Northwich Si :-)
Many highs and lows, thousands of trainees through the school, some no longer here :-( they are riding the clouds........

i think i've done the best i can for you all, you make me very proud and some fantastic stories to tell. I welcome you all, to come and celebrate with me 15 years, celebration dates TBC during March and will be at our new Northwich Training School.

Quite an achievement i think, and i am still getting the same satisfaction seeing my pupils pass the TEST.
I have made some great friends through my school, and i feel proud to have contributed to your dreams..
I thank you all for the last 15 years, I hope i can serve the Industry for the next 15 years too :-)

Its very important to mention none of this would be possible without the team that keep the school running, Lisa, Graham, Oliver, Cameron and Ian.

Ride Safe my x trainees, from Robert

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Robert Howitt
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16/01/2018 9:51 AM  

WOW where has the time gone, and to think one of our new training centres in Northwich Cheshire is going to be nearby where we started out in Congleton Cheshire.

We at RJH can't wait to regain our No 1 spot back in Cheshire. 

Graham Cook RJH Manchester Training Centre Manager
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23/01/2018 7:00 AM  

Great achievement Rob and Lisa. We are No.1 training school in the north west. I am proud to be on your team at Rjh. 



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