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On The Saddle With...Jan!

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Next up on ‘On the saddle with’ we have Jan!
Q) Which site did you train with RJH and how was your experience in terms of facilities and treatment on arrival?
A) I completed my DAS training at the Oakmere Northwich site. After having a bad few lessons and a crash, (I flew over the handlebars on the East Lancs) with a well-known Liverpool training school, I was put off riding. A few years passed and I met Rob who assured me his school could help me get my dream of riding back. You know what? RJH done just that! Now I always recommend RJH to everyone considering learning to ride - plus there is a cafe on site and motorbike clothing and accessories store and also new and used motorcycles to look at. What more could you want for a day’s training?!
Q) We all know as soon as you pass, you’re eager to get on the road! So, since passing your test with RJH, how many miles have you covered?
A) I passed my test on the 2nd Jan 2019 and in the first year I must have ridden over 10000miles - yes you read that right! Every free day I had I was out riding in all weather conditions - wind, snow, rain, hail and the odd sunny day. I’m lucky enough to have a wife who has her license too - so I never had to ask can I go out - it was more of where and when are WE going out today?! I didn’t get many miles in last year due to the lockdown but luckily, I was able to ride to work and back, roughly about 20 miles each way, so I still got a few 1000 miles in 2020.
Q) The phrase ‘every day is a school day’ is commonly used - have you learnt and implemented a new technique whilst learning with RJH?
A) I can’t thank RJH enough just for getting my confidence back to being on a bike. To any potential riders willing to learn with RJH, just relax those shoulders and arms, listen to the instructors and enjoy the experience! THANK YOU RJH!!!
Q) What’s the furthest distance you’ve travelled on your bike since passing?
A) I have been all over the country on my bike - from the Lake District, Yorkshire Moors, Birmingham Bike Show and all-over North Wales - sometimes doing over 400 miles a day! We can’t wait for Wales to open up again.
Q) What’s your favourite motorbike? And/or is there one you have your eyes on?
A) Well, I think I am lucky enough to have owned some great bikes in the few years I have been riding! My very first was a Triumph Street Triple 675, brilliant first bike and helped with the first 10000 miles of riding. Then I had a GSXR 750, brilliant first sports bike, nice and light, then I moved to Italian bikes and I got the bug, I had an Aprilia RSVR Factory 1000, what a bike, I took it to show Rob and he loved it, although he couldn’t reach the floor! Now I think I have one of the ultimate supersport bikes an Aprilia RSV4 RF - it’s basically a WSB bike with mirrors and headlights. Only had it about 2 months, so as soon as lockdown has eased, I will definitely be roaring around Snowdonia!!
Q) Setting goals is important as it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation – have you set yourself any for the future?
A) Since passing I have done a few machine control courses and an off road course, all great fun! I would love to do a few track days, but my main goal will be to get my advanced rider qualification and then become a blood bike volunteer and possibly join RJH if Rob would have me?!
Q) And finally, favourite instructor, and why?!
A)You can’t have a favourite with this lot - all of them are brilliant instructors and all have their own way of teaching and skills to pass on. My main instructor was Sylvia, we had some really good laughs while training in some really freezing conditions. We had lots of ups and some downs, but we always had a laugh and some great days out riding!
Thanks for taking part, Jan! Tune in next week where we have another pupil lined up for ‘On the saddle with’!
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