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These two stabbed a man in the throat to steal a MX bike

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These two stabbed a man in the throat to steal a MX bike, does anyone recognise them?
Runcorn area
We don't need low-life like this on the streets.
Please share their post, get these two found.
Warning - video in comments may be distressing to some.
Please bear with us at this time as there will be a delay to messages/calls and getting back to you.
Yesterday (09/02/21 - just before 4pm) our mechanic was held at knife point and had items/mobile/bike stolen from the garage.
If anyone recognises these two or spotted this bike after 4pm yesterday (09/02/21), please get in touch or share around. Any information at all, dash cam footage on Percival lane before 4pm etc.
Our mechanic is shook up obviously but is luckily enough okay with a small cut to his throat.
Unfortunately the bike was ready to be sold in lieu of purchasing a ramp for exhaust works in the garage, so again, this will now be delayed and will update those enquires/quotes soon.
We will be operating again fully next week after sourcing some new mobiles and be replying to messages as soon as possible, still got families to feed.
Thank you.
For those asking, CCTV installed by

BMB CCTV and Media Services



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