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04/10/2017 7:11 PM  

Hi guys,

I'm Oliver who joined RJH in a small part time role back in February to aid RJH in all social media platforms and various marketing ideas. 

My aim is to make RJH unique with its content and help them develop further whenever they are able to.

There really is no other like RJH!

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05/10/2017 7:34 PM  

Thanks for your help Oliver. Your opinions and input is invaluable and I know you are contributing in a bigger way than you think to the social platforms of our business. Keep up the good work.

DVSA Approved Motorbike Instructor

Graham Cook RJH Manchester Training Centre Manager
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19/03/2018 7:49 AM  

Doing a great job over all the social media and also updating the Forum. Many thanks from myself. 

Graham Cook



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