Motorcycle Instructor Training Courses

We have re-packaged our courses into a structured, affordable path, earning whilst you're learning!

Take a look at our step by step courses – enter the industry without a big initial expense.

Bronze Introductory Instructor Course £499

We offer an introductory course enabling you to test the water before committing big sums of money towards your career as a Motorcycle Instructor ensuring its right for you.

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Silver CBT Down Trained Instructor Course £999

We offer a far more comprehensive course to ensure you have all the necessary skills required to be a Qualified CBT Down Trained Instructor.

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Gold DVSA CBT Cardington Assessed Course £1499

If you have completed the CBT Down Trained Instructor course or if you already hold a CBT Down Trained authority to Instruct badge then your next step is to attend and complete the CBT 2 day assessment currently at Cardington (the DVSA HQ for Training and Development).

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Platinum DVSA CBT Assessed DAS Assessed Course £1999

To become a DVSA Fully Qualified CBT & DAS Motorcycle Instructor the final stage is to complete the DAS (Direct Access Scheme) Course so that you can teach new motorcyclists at all levels from CBT to learning on larger motorcycles in preparation to passing their practical motorbike tests.

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