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Autumn 10 day Instructor Training

RJH Autumn 10 day Instructor Training Workshop

Monday through to Friday over 2 weeks .
(Accommodation not included)
This course is intensive, needs total committment.
You will need to live & breathe Motorbike Instructor Training.
Our Aim & Objective will be to deliver to you, and teach you, develop you to be able to deliver the CBT syllabus enabling you to pass the DVSA Cardington Exams 1st time.
We introduce you to the “Core Competency” approach from day 1. Don’t worry here as if you feel, or we at RJH feel you are not ready we will be able to offer top up lessons at additional costs as we all learn at different levels.
We want you to pass your Instructor exams 1st time.
We have experience with this approach, so don’t be put off as this intensive course really is an opportunity to change your life and career.

Both Graham and Sylvia took this course and now each manage 1 of RJH’s Centre’s, so the potential is there for the right ambitious candidate to become a crucial team member of RJH.

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