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RJH’s “On the saddle with” feature returns and this week we have David! I won’t beat around the bush, so we’ll dive straight in…

Q) Which site did you train with RJH and how was your experience in terms of facilities and treatment on arrival?

A) I trained at the Eccles site initially under the instruction of Graham. As I was travelling across for an intensive course from the Northeast, I was apprehensive of what to expect. On arrival Graham told me where was safe to park, then gave me a feel of how things worked at RJH. I was taken to the training room for documents check where a training record was prepared for completion after each session which I liked as this was given to me to look after and if necessary, study. I was shown a range of great bikes, mostly new and offered an SV650 in black with a higher seat to suit me. A great bike – very nice to ride!

Q) We all know as soon as you pass, you’re eager to get on the road! So, since passing your test with RJH, how many miles have you covered?

A) On passing my MOD2 I was straight to the dealers on the hunt for a new bike! I ended up buying a bike from Scotland due to the speed they could turn the bike around. I put my 125cc bike up for sale and not expecting it to – where it sold the same night. So – I haven’t rode a bike since passing yet!

Q) The phrase ‘every day is a school day’ is commonly used – have you learnt and implemented a new technique whilst learning with RJH?

A) I had trained with another school in the Northeast so after doing a few exercises, Graham offered a few tips which he felt could improve my riding – I did put this to use, especially tips with the U turn. I also learnt a lot from Rob following me to the test centres where he offered advice when necessary. Very useful if you think about what was being said and why.

Q) What’s the furthest distance you’ve travelled on your bike since passing?

A) I’ve not covered any miles since passing – that should change this weekend. I’ve planned a summer tour of the highlands in July taking in the NC500 over 5 days

Q) Setting goals is important as it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation – have you set yourself any for the future? A) In terms of training, I’m looking at an advanced course to better my techniques and ensuring safety being my priority. In terms of destinations, a tour of Europe is on the cards, hopefully for next year. Q) And finally, favourite instructor, and why?!

A) My favourite instructor, that’s a tough one. I had two sessions with Graham, and he made me feel more at ease preparing for MOD 1. Then Rob offered great advice on route to tests over the radio, helped to try and clam people down at the test centres on arrival and generally was just a nice bloke to talk to. So – it’s a draw!

Thanks for taking part, David! We are looking for our next participant so please get in touch if you’d like to feature!

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