On the saddle with Miriam

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Q) Which site did you train with RJH and how was your experience in terms of facilities and treatment on arrival?
A) I trained at the Manchester site and my experience was amazing! I trained with Sylvia who was brilliant and very patient with me – she made me feel secure and confident considering it was the first time I got on a bike/on the roads. They have great facilities and provides any gear I needed. The staff were extremely friendly and made sure all the trainees had a drink and something to eat before we started (I started early morning).

Q) We all know as soon as you pass, you’re eager to get on the road! So, since passing your test with RJH, how many miles have you covered?
A) Since passing, I’ve covered 8745 miles. I’ve only done my CBT and most of the miles have been on ride outs, travelling to work and just general adventures.

Q) The phrase ‘every day is a school day’ is commonly used – have you learnt and implemented a new technique whilst learning with RJH?
A) Everything I learnt was new but the main thing that stuck was not to ride when emotional – your riding isn’t calm, and accidents could easily happen that way if you aren’t concentrating.

Q)What’s the furthest distance you’ve travelled on your bike since passing?
A) 204 miles travelling to and back from Wales for a day out with loads of detours 😂

Q) What’s your favourite motorbike? And/or is there one you have your eyes on?
A)Favourite bike is the Yamaha MT07 but not passed my bigger licences yet so have to be patient…!

Q) Setting goals is important as it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation – have you set yourself any for the future?
A) My future goals are to buy a home so I have something to pass down to my son and save up to do my bigger licenses.

Q) And finally, favourite instructor, and why?!
A) I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite instructor 😅
The two instructors I know best are Sylvia and Graham who have both done a lot for me. Sylvia has always made me feel very comforted when I’ve needed it and has a very calm presence about her which I love. She’s an inspiration to us female riders and proves women can do what they love.
Graham literally stopped a ride out so I could go pee 🤣 so couldn’t appreciate him more. He’s also made sure to keep me included in events even thought I was pregnant/had my motorbikes stolen which has made me feel very much still connected to the RJH community. I wouldn’t want to be trained by anyone else. You all have left an everlasting impression!

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