On the saddle with Neil

Read about our ex pupils journeys

Q) Which site did you train with RJH and how was your experience in terms of facilities and treatment on arrival?

A) Training was at the old Salford site, the facilities where very good and the treatment I experience was of the highest standard.
I was 47 at the time and was having a mid-life crisis and decided to learn to ride a motorbike. As I live in Wrexham, North Wales I completed the CBT training with a local company, the training I received was very poor with little off road tuition prior to riding on busy main roads. I passed the CBT but after watching the RJH YouTube videos I approached RJH to retake the CBT and further DAS training. I explained with Rob that I worked in Manchester and he offered to build a training plan around my work hours, this meant early starts for us both with lessons from 6am til 9am twice a week with the tests up in Darwen.

Q) We all know as soon as you pass, you’re eager to get on the road! So, since passing your test with RJH, how many miles have you covered?

A) Since passing the test I have covered approx 8k miles, due to covid the mileage reduced to 1200 last year and only 300 this year.
The highlight was a 4 day tour around Wales (last September) where we covered 650 miles!

Q) The phrase ‘every day is a school day’ is commonly used – have you learnt and implemented a new technique whilst learning with RJH?

A) As a total newbie, the training and instructions that I learnt was vast. My daytime job (health & safety manager) means I drive approx 40k miles per year and the training received has helped with the way I now drive.

Q) What’s the furthest distance you’ve travelled on your bike since passing?

A) 4 day tour around Wales, covering 650 approx miles. From Wrexham over to Snowdon, Aberystwyth, St David’s, Brecon and home

Q) What’s your favourite motorbike? And/or is there one you have your eyes on?

A) I started with a Harley 883 sportster and loved it, slightly underpowered. Then rode the Triumph Street Triple and swapped the Harley to one! For me it’s perfect, good ride position, lightweight with nibble handling.

Q) Setting goals is important as it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation – have you set yourself any for the future?

A) I initially wanted to do the advanced riding course but work commitments with covid has stopped all bike ventures. One goal would be to become an instructor,

Q) And finally, favourite instructor, and why?!

A) Only had Rob, however I must say the experience I had with Rob was exceptional. During the training his communication was clear and concise with constructive feedback if i did things wrong.
However, training in a freezing November with no heated grips wasn’t fun, especially when Rob joked about his warm hands…!

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