On The Saddle With Sean

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On The Saddle With Sean

Which site did you train with RJH and how was your experience in terms of facilities and treatment on arrival?

I did my CBT with Pete in Northwich before moving to do my DAS at Eccles with Graham. The experience was brilliant and very welcoming. I had never ridden a motorbike before, but I was given all the information and training I needed, and everything was explained.

We all know as soon as you pass, you’re eager to get on the road! So, since passing your test with RJH, how many miles have you covered?

Not as many as I would like given the restrictions, but I’ve managed to get out and about this in the last few weeks as the weather has improved. Probably 400 or so and lots of catching up to do.

The phrase ‘every day is a school day’ is commonly used – have you learnt and implemented a new technique whilst learning with RJH?

What I had to get used to the most was cornering with confidence and knowing the bike wouldn’t go down if done properly. That and keeping speed going when doing the Mod 1 manoeuvres – both about confidence really and the team at RJH really helped with that.

What’s the furthest distance you’ve travelled on your bike since passing?

I live just outside Chester and there is a really nice run into Shropshire and back so probably that – the weather was brilliant, and it was a great day out.

What’s your favourite motorbike? And/or is there one you have your eyes on?

I’ve always really liked retro bikes likes Triumph and Royal Enfield and so when I passed my test that is where I headed. I collected my Triumph Street Cup and love it. In the future, I may change to the T120 but only after a bit more experience.

Setting goals is important as it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation – have you set yourself any for the future?

In the longer term I’d like to try touring – the North Coast 500 looks amazing. Whenever I go out on my bike today I always think it will just be for an hour or so but it’s so easy to lose track of time and I imagine doing that and taking in spectacular scenery would just be epic.

And finally, favourite instructor, and why?!

My favourite Northwich instructor was Pete and Eccles instructor was Graham.
The advantage of visiting both sites!

Thanks for taking part Sean! 

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