Price List

Taster/Assessment Training Courses
Taster Course £55
Assessment Course £55

CBT Courses
Pre CBT Course (optional) £110
CBT Renewal Course Own Bike £160
CBT Weekdays Course £199
CBT Weekends/Bank Holiday’s Course £220
CBT 1 to 1 Course £399
CBT completion £40 per hour

Conversion Course Auto to Manual £165

A1/A2/A – Full Licence Courses
Advanced Full Licence Course £849
Intermediate Full Licence Course £999
Beginners Full Licence Course £1,399
Mod 1 Retest Fee £180.50
Mod 2 Retest Fee £240

A1/A2/A – Full Licence Combo Courses (includes a CBT)
Advanced Full Licence Combo Course £999
Intermediate Full Licence Combo Course £1,149
Beginners Full Licence Combo Course £1,549
Mod 1 Retest Fee £180.50
Mod 2 Retest Fee £240

Back to Biking/Rusty Rider Courses
Back to Biking Own Bike £299
Back to Biking Hire Bike £399

Advanced Training Courses
Advanced Training £299

Instructor Training Courses
Instructor Training Course £1,999

Trail Riding Experiences
Trail Riding Skills Assessments £99
Trail Riding Experiences £299

Owner Maintenance Workshops
Owner Maintenance Workshop £399

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