1 Hour Taster


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Your Taster session is on a 1 to 1 ratio, meaning its just you and your Instructor.

A Qualified Instructor will brief you about the taster session and kit you out with a helmet and safety gear.
Then you get to ride a 125cc motorbike or a 50cc scooter away from the road on a secure training area with the help from your instructor.
They will get you used to the gears and throttle and soon you’ll be grinning like you did when you learnt to ride a push-bike.

After your hour’s session, you can find out more about your CBT at any of our sites across the North West and going for a Full Motorcycle License, how to buy a motorcycle or scooter and what kind might suit you, or anything else you want to know about life on two wheels.
Then you’re well on the way to enjoying the freedom, fun and flexibility that life on two wheels brings.
If by any chance you don’t like it, you can walk away – you’ve had the experience and it’s not cost you a FULL CBT price.
The main objectives are to learn the basic controls, moving off, stopping, slow control and changing gears.

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