Gold DVSA CBT Cardington Assessed Course


If you have attended our SILVER COURSE then the difference of £500 is only payable.
Please contact us for a coupon code.

If you have completed the CBT Down Trained Instructor course or if you already hold a CBT Down Trained authority to Instruct badge then your next step is to attend and complete the CBT 2 day assessment currently at Cardington (the DVSA HQ for Training and Development).

We offer this 5 day preparation course.

We provide you with the necessary information to be able to assess and down train a trainee instructor.

We will develop your skills enabling you to give feedback and advice on lesson delivery and provide coaching to improve another instructor’s ability.

We will develop your ability to demonstrate a high standard of teaching.

Once you have completed this course at DVSA Cardington, you can train other people to be down-trained instructors so that they are able to conduct CBT courses and also be able to open your own ATB (Authorised Training Body)

You will hold a CBT1C qualification after passing the 2 day CBT assessment at Cardington.

We strongly recommended you purchase our training aids to accompany your course.

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