Silver CBT Down Trained Instructor Course


If you have attended our BRONZE COURSE then the difference of £500 is only payable.
Please contact us for a coupon code.

We offer a far more comprehensive course to ensure you have all the necessary skills required to be a Qualified CBT Down Trained Instructor.

We will allocate you a dedicated Motorcycle Instructor Trainer for your Instructor Training which is bespoke to your needs and you might find others like yourself training which can aid your learning.

As a CBT Down Trained Instructor you can receive payment (wages) to conduct CBT courses and also train students to ride on the road on a motorcycle up to 125cc.

We will give you guidance in methods of instruction, lesson planning, teaching skills and various method deliveries for different riding criteria.

This is a totally flexible 5 day course and can fit around your work commitments and is a great opportunity to enter the Motorcycle Instructor Training Industry and the big benefit is that you can earn whilst you learn.

The CBT Down Trained CBT1 qualification is issued by an ATB who allows you to teach trainees on a CBT (but only for that sponsored training school).

We strongly recommended you purchase our training aids to accompany your course.

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