Refresher Course

Post COVID-19 Riding Refresher Course

Every year, motorcycle accidents increase in the springtime.

This may be because motorcyclists are rusty after not riding much over the winter period and because other road users are not used to seeing bikes out on the roads, or most likely a combination of both.

At RJH during 2021 we are worried that this annual spike may be magnified by the lockdown periods over the past 12 months.

The human brain is not very good at ‘seeing’ small objects travelling towards it at speed.

One of the most common collisions on the roads, occurs when another vehicle pulls into the path of a motorcycle which is unable to stop in time.

It is traditional for road signs to go up around the country in the springtime to warn road users to look out for motorcycles.

RJH would like to contribute to tackling this area and would like to make sure that motorcyclists are given the opportunity to freshen up their riding and have come up with a Post COVID-19 Riding Refresher Course.

This course is available during 2021.

This full day course lasts 6 hours and is specifically tailored to your experience and ability and is aimed at identifying your strengths and weaknesses and ultimately making you a safer rider for your post COVID-19 riding.

This course is only available for riders with their own bikes.

RJH are able to arrange individual courses or group bookings which are cheaper so please get in touch with your mates and book a group course now.

The maximum number on any one course would be 3 riders.


1. Rider = £199 each
2. Riders = £169 each
3. Riders = £139 each

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