RJH Green Environmental Policy

We only use 100% renewable electricity for our servers

From the 2nd of September 2019 RJH Motorbike Training Ltd undertook to only use 100% renewable electricity for it’s website servers.

The climate crisis is the greatest threat we have ever known. Dangerous climate ‘tipping points’ have already been reached and there isn’t a place on Earth that won’t be affected.
Humans have been – and continue to be – the driving force behind the climate emergency.
But we can also be the solution.

Total environmental and ecological collapse is absolutely avoidable if we all work together.
We can’t rely solely on governments and world leaders to take the required action.
We need every individual and company to step up and work together.

The 1 Billion Tree Pledge is a bold initiative to conserve, restore or grow 1 billion trees worldwide by 2030.
It’s a big goal from a small company that we hope will inspire others to aim high.
Only with a monumental and coordinated effort can humanity hope to stave off the worst of futures.

In addition to that we have embraced the policy of our hosts to become “carbon positive” by supporting
The Billion Tree Pledge, to actually become carbon positive.
To date, based on our usage of power to run the servers for our website and email systems –
10 trees have been planted in our name.

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