RJH Motorbike Training Wigan

CBT(Compulsory Basic Training) DAS(Direct Access) - 7 days a week

RJH Motorbike Training Wigan

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What is a CBT?

The CBT Course is a programme of instruction, safe practice and assessment for new riders wanting to ride a scooter or geared motorcycle.

You have to be at least 16 years old in order to ride a 49 cc machine and you have to be 17 years old to ride a 125 cc scooter/motorcycle.

How long is it?

We will take you through all elements of the course at your own pace.
There is no time limit and no test at the end of the course!
However naturally there will need to be a cut off point during the day!
Your Instructor may invite you back again on a different day to complete your course.
This is not FREE and does carry a charge so please ask for details.
You need to bring your photo drivers license for all courses booked with us.
If you have the ‘old style’ paper licence, you must support this with a valid UK passport.

What do i need?

For all courses and practical tests, you will have to bring written proof of your entitlement to ride a motorcycle, entitlement dates and any endorsements.
This information is now shown on your drivers record held by DVLA. You need to print off a copy of your driving licence record and bring this together with your photo-card.

It is your responsibility to provide this information and due to data protection laws, we are unable to check this on your behalf.
Printed evidence only accepted. Electronic copies are not permitted.

What do RJH Motorbike Training Wigan provide on the day?

Wear suitable clothing (we can provide FREE for training Helmets, Jackets, Gloves and Waterproofs).
Bring a packed lunch.
You will need a basic understanding of the Highway Code and road signs.

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