YouTube Channel two million views

Our YouTube Channel showcases CBT Lessons, DAS Lessons etc

WOW! After our RJH Motorbike Training YouTube Channel reaches 2 million views after 5 years old and 6.2 thousand subscribers to say we are proud is an understatement.

Robert remember’s buying a headcam in 2005 from the NEC in Birmingham with the view to start filming but I promptly sold it on as it was too technical for him. (BIG MISTAKE) 10 YEARS LOST!
He had ideas to blend it all in to the website and forum’s but technology at that time wasn’t there.

Fast Track 10 years to 2015 and he made himself learn.
I mean anyone can film with a camera right?
But the time and effort needed to edit and upload takes knowledge and experience as he found out it took him a few years to become comfortable with all the behind the scenes stuff that people don’t see.
Now the Channel has been integrated into the RJH website which is quite unique to us.

So we at RJH are really pleased to have achieved our current milestone 2 million views.
It proves to us that the Channel helps a lot of riders of all abilities achieve their goals.
We receive interaction from people all over the UK, Europe and the World and the information on our Channel is absolutely FREE.
Here’s to the next 2 million views.

Our YouTube Channel showcases CBT Lessons, DAS Lessons, Mod 1 and Mod 2 Lessons with Q & A video’s of LIVE FOOTAGE along with Bike Reviews, Product Reviews, Tutorials and Demonstrations of all that we are able to offer. All of our courses and products can be viewed and purchased online at www.rjhgroup.co.uk

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